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Mo Blanc
Musee Mecanique

For the second time Musée Mécanique a band from Portland, a city on the west coast of the US, have stopped by the El Lokal in Zurich. An event we wouldn’t want to miss, as the five lads play music which awakens a yearning for long gone times, a time when mechanical toys made children’s as well as men’s eyes sparkle. The cosy atmosphere in the so tenderly arranged El Lokal surely sweetened the one or the others melancholy that particular evening, but beforehand a Showtogo was realised, which we shall warmly recommend here.

After a homely supper on the crowded though cozy terrace of the El Lokal they sing their first song on a footbridge between Kaserne and Gessnerallee.  

No° 18.1 - Like Home

The second song happens beyond the glowing OBER-writing on an inconspicuous riverbank of a smaller stream in Zurich – on the last island of the river Sihl. Above a few are listening to the musical saw leaving their cares behind as they let their legs swing in a gentle evening breeze.


No° 18.2 - Our Changing Skins


With Musée Méchanique launching their last serenade, we say thanks to the wonderful El Lokal team and seemingly board the sloop John B with all its sails hoisted about to float far, far away into the sunset.


No° 18.3 - How To Hoist Up John B's Sail