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Mo Blanc

Paradeplatz + musicians + global financial crisis: this must be another occupy episode then? Well, not quite, «just» a Showtogo shooting at the heart of Zurich’s bling-bling district. Compensating the lack of proper political profoundness, we proudly present the brilliant Kaizers Orchestra, unplugged and most exclusive!

No° 21.1 - Hjerteknuser

With «Hjerteknuser» (Heartbreaker) we are somewhere in the middle of a family saga which forms the dramaturgic background of their album trilogy «Violeta Violeta». Yes, Norwegian, not the usual. But do not despair. Here you can find everything you need to discover Violeta’s darkest family secrets.

What else is there to know about Kaizers Orchestra? Do not miss the opportunity to see one of their extraordinary live performances! They just started touring across Europe with the trilogy’s second album «Violeta Violet Volume II», which will be out by the end of January.

And last but not least, the Kaizers know how to save money - have a look:

No° 21.2 How To Save Money